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7 Purrfect Reasons To Be Thankful For Cats

November 15 2023

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. While food, fun, and family will definitely be taking center stage, it’s also important to remember the deeper meaning of the holiday: gratitude. We’re definitely thankful for our feline friends, and with good reason. A local Montgomery, AL vet lists some reasons to be appreciative of Fluffy in this article.

Love And Cuddles

Our feline pals are extremely affectionate, and they have some super cute ways of showing it. Even aloof kitties often show their love by just hanging out quietly with their humans. Cuddling a purring cat can be extremely soothing in troubled times!

Mousing Ability

Fluffy’s mousing ability isn’t quite as prized as it once was in some places, but there are still plenty of folks who are grateful for her pest control skills. In fact, cats’ hunting abilities are a big part of why we domesticated them in the first place.


Did you know that cat purrs are very special? Kitties vibrate at certain frequencies, which have been shown to promote healing. No wonder these little furballs often look so proud of themselves!


It’s probably safe to say that our furry friends will never stop making us laugh. Fluffy’s adorable expressions, playful antics, and over-the-top purrsonality make her a comedy queen. You could even say that many kitties earn their keep by providing their humans with ongoing live comedy entertainment! Offer your cute pet plenty of toys, and take time to play with her regularly.

Sleep Aids

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but snuggling up with a purring cat is very relaxing, especially as you’re winding down after a long day of work. (Fluffy is also a pretty good alarm clock, but that’s another topic.)


While some of our feline patients are pretty quiet, others are furry little chatterboxes that want to chime in about everything. Kitty vocalizations are both cute and charming. (Fun fact: several languages have very similar words for ‘meow.’)


We know, Fluffy’s life goals seem to be to spend as much time sleeping and getting pampered as possible. However, kitties actually can be good role models. They remind us to speak our minds, make time for fun, get plenty of rest, and show our loved ones we care about them. Those are all pretty important life lessons!

Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact us with questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your Montgomery, AL animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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