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Keeping Kitty Cool

July 17 2023

Summer is just around the corner, and temperatures are already rising. You’ll need to pay close attention to your furry little pal at this time of year. Hot weather can be dangerous for cats. Fluffy doesn’t have much by the way of built-in cooling systems: she can only sweat through her paw pads, and panting doesn’t do her much good. A Montgomery, AL vet discusses keeping cats cool below.

Water, Water, Water

First and foremost, make sure Fluffy always has plenty of cool, fresh water. You may want to consider getting her a kitty fountain: many cats prefer to drink running water. If you have more than one pet, a large home, and/or more than one story, set out extra water stations. 


Dead fur and dander can make your cute pet’s coat very hot and itchy. Cats are pretty diligent about keeping up with their grooming needs, but some do need help with their beauty care. Long-haired kitties often benefit from regular brushing. Senior cats also sometimes have trouble with this. 

Comfy Hideouts

Cats love to investigate nooks and crannies, and they are certified experts at getting comfy. Make sure your feline buddy always has access to rooms that are cooled by fans or air conditioners. You can also point a fan at her bed: just make sure Fluffy can’t knock it over onto herself. 

Cold Snacks

Did you know that you can now get ice cream made just for kitties? You may want to try making your own. Just mix canned tuna with plain, fat-free yogurt and freeze. You can also pour tuna juice over shaved ice chips, or mix canned cat food and ice in a blender. 

Weight Control

Well over half of our feline pals are obese or overweight. Those extra pounds are just as bad for Fluffy as they are for us! Chubby kitties also have a harder time staying cool on those sweltering summer days. Don’t let your furball become a butterball!

Watch For Warning Signs

Watch for signs that your furry friend is getting too hot. Some of these include panting, drooling, pacing, erratic behavior or vocalizations, dark urine, and lethargy. If you see any of these, immediately give Fluffy water, take steps to cool her off, and call your vet.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Montgomery, AL pet hospital, today! 

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